Job title: Senior Compliance
Employment type: Full Time
Experience: 4 to 5 years
Salary: R60000 to R85000
Job published: 10 March 2021
Job reference no: 1104610445

Job Description


To implement and oversee the Company’s Compliance with its legislative requirements and to act as the Company’s Compliance Officer, Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) and internal Company Secretary

Duties and Responsibilities

Perform Compliance duties:

o Ensure that internal policies and procedures comply with all relevant legislation.

o Provide guided assistance to the Company on processes, procedures and control matters.

o Provide guided assistance to the Company when on-boarding Clients and new products.

o Ensure that new Client on-boarding is Compliant with all Anti-Money Laundering and Combating of Financial Terrorism (AML/CFT) legislation.

o Carry out risk assessments for all new Clients.

o Ensure that Company and Client documentation is compliant with all relevant legislation.

o Carry out ongoing compliance monitoring and Client risk assessments.

o Investigate, resolve, or assist in the resolution of all non-compliance issues that may arise.

o Highlight and report any non-compliance

Follow-up on all non-compliance areas and take appropriate actions.

o Report back to the relevant Board and Management Committees and other Forums on compliance matters.

o Conduct compliance training to relevant stakeholders.

o Collaborate with Management and the relevant Committees to develop action plans that aim at increasing compliance adherence.

o Prepare and submit compliance reporting to Regulators where necessary.

o Assist the Company in drafting Client and Service Provider agreements.

o Ensure effective management and retention of Company records and agreements.

o Performing risk assessments on Client instructions and requests.

o Review and approve payment instructions.

o Authorise payments as and when required.

o Review and approve the issuance of Policy documentation to new Clients.

o Engage with Service Providers and Regulators as and when required.

o Engage with Clients on compliance matters as and when required.

o Ensure that the Company adopts internal AML/CFT policies and procedures.



Perform Company Secretary duties:

The duties specified below apply to Shareholders meetings, Board meetings and the meetings of any Committees of the Directors, ensuring that the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements are effectively applied

o Drafting and issuing notices of meetings.

o Drafting and circulating agendas.

o Preparing and circulating meeting packs.

o Taking, drafting and circulating the minutes of the meetings.

o Ensure effective management and retention of records and documents.

o Providing the Directors of the Company collectively and individually with guidance as to their legal duties, responsibilities and powers.

o Making the Company and its Directors aware of any changes to legislation relevant to or affecting the Company.

o Reporting to the Company’s Board and Board Committees any matters that warrant their attention.

o Ensuring that the Company is compliant with the National Code of Corporate Governance.

o Assist with on-boarding of newly appointed Directors, including induction, orientation and training



• Contribute to Strategic decision-making together with Senior Executives, Management and other relevant Stakeholders.

• Active participation and contribution at Senior management level.

• Will be required to participate and/or report back at Management Committees and related Forums.

• Perform project and ad-hoc tasks as and when required.

• Perform back up duties as and when required.


Required Competencies

Competencies related to knowledge

•Qualified ACCA essential

• At least 5 years relevant work experience compulsory.

• At least 3 years offshore management experience.

• A working knowledge of all relevant legislation.

• Extensive knowledge of local AML/CFT legislation.

• Experience working with local Regulators (FSC, ROC, MRA)

• Knowledge of Company Secretarial duties and responsibilities.

• Knowledge and experience in the MLRO function of a Global Business Company


Competencies based on skills


• Must be able to read, write and speak fluently in English.

• Must be able to communicate professionally and concisely.

• Computer literacy - advanced skills in MS Office.

• Numeric competence – advanced.

• Excellent listening skills.

• Excellent interpersonal skills.

• Excellent organising and planning skills.

• Excellent presentation skills.

• Excellent analytical skills.

• Excellent problem-solving skills.

• Excellent decision-making skills.

• Excellent conflict resolution skills.

• Excellent attention to detail.